Zachary School Board Minutes

September 27, 2001

7:00 PM


Members Present: Mr. Davis, Mrs. Kimmell, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Womack, Mr. Snowden, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Horton and Dr. Brady.


The regular meeting of the Zachary Community School Board was held on September 27, 2001 at the Zachary Community School Board Office.


The Invocation was given by Mr. Moore. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mr. Snowden.


Roll was taken: 5 Present, 4 Absent (Mrs. Young, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Coleman and Dr. Leggett) Mrs. Young arrived at 7:04 and Mr. Davis arrived at 7:05.


Mrs. Womack made the motion to approve the minutes -of-September 13, 2001 and Mr. Moore seconded it.

VOTE 7 YEAS, 0 NAYS ( 2 Absent)


Dr. Brady gave his superintendent report. He told the board that he has been busy compiling information for his meeting with U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Assistant Attorney Ralph F. Boyd, Jr. on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001. He explained to the board how important this meeting would be and it will only last for 45 minutes. Mayor John Womack , Dr. Brady, and Mr. Jesse Spears will be driving to Washington DC and Lonnie Myles will be flying up.


Dr. Brady introduced Mark Simoneaux and Mark Johnson to the board. Mr. Simoneaux talked to the board about the upcoming Charity Golf Scramble on Oct. 26, 2001, for our next fund raiser. He said that it will start at 8:00 AM and would be at Magnolia Creek Golf Course, Ethel, La. He said that team entry free would be $200.00 and hole sponsorship would be $100.00. They will have food and will be giving cash prizes to the winners. They hope that whoever wins the cash will turn around and give it back to the Zachary Community School District.


Mr. Johnson talked to the board about other ways to raise money. He told the board to be thinking about how to get the public involved with The Zachary Community School District and ways to raise more money.


Mrs. Young talked to the board on Policy Changes. She explained to the board that she had talked to Mr. Prescott about the student transfer policy. Mr. Prescott said that they had just left out the clause, "Any student permitted to transfer shall provide his/her own transportation to school." Mrs. Young thought that the clause should be back in our policy manual and the board decided that it would be best to have it. Mrs. Young made the motion to add the clause back in and Mrs. Kimmell seconded it. VOTE: 7 YEAS, 0 NAYS 2 Absent (Mrs. Coleman & Dr. Leggett)


Mrs. Young explained to the board about the policy change on allowing students who ride buses for more than one hour would have to submit a written application for admission to an adjoining school system. The board decided to have a workshop and they would then talk more about this policy.


The board set up a workshop for Oct. 4, 2001, at 6:00PM, at the Zachary Community School Board. They will talk about policy changes, raising money and talking about a budget at this workshop.

VOTE 7 YEAS, 0 NAYS 2 Absent (Mrs. Coleman and Dr. Leggett)


Mr. Moore asked to add to the agenda for next board meeting, talking about fund raisers. Dr. Brady said that he would give the board information from the Washington DC. trip. Mrs. Kimmell wanted to add on the agenda, Champion Reports.


Mr. Snowden made the motion to adjourn and Mrs. Young seconded it.

VOTE 7 YEAS, 0 NAYS 2 Absent (Mrs. Coleman and Dr. Leggett.)